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Introducing Our Newest Collection: Bartholomew Park

Our latest collection, Bartholomew Park, was named after the historic winery where we photographed it.  Nestled at the foot of the Mayacamas Mountain range, just blocks from the charming Sonoma Plaza, the gorgeous organic vineyard estate boasts pristine views from every angle.  We just knew Bart Park (that’s what the locals call it) would be the perfect location for our newest collection.  The beautiful landscape was ideal for the color palette of this collection: ripe citrus, soft grey and midnight blue textiles with a print that reminded me of dancing shadows.

Organic vineyards of Bartholomew Park Winery

My cute little crew and I headed out on a very hot Labor Day holiday.  We met at 4:00 p.m., not the most ideal time for photos since the sun is still pretty high this time of year, but it was a school-night and we needed to snap to it!  Let me tell you, three kids in smoldering heat + escalating winds + wicked lighting = a very interesting photo shoot!  The pictures taken just do not do this gorgeous location justice.  But, these kids sure were troopers!!!

Anya and Hunter no doubt discussing how to get out of this photo shoot and into a swimming pool!

Two year-old Lincoln was non-stop entertainment for all!  He ran from one end of the lush lawn to the other, giggling and running circles around us as we tried to get him to stop long enough to snap a picture.  Oh, to have that energy again!  Hunter had a ball chasing him, but Anya found it all too exhausting.  Ha!

A lively game of “Capture the Lincoln” exhausts Anya.

The biggest hero of the day was Lincoln’s mother.  Seven months pregnant and running around in triple digit weather on a holiday.  Who does that???  You are one amazing mama, Kim. Truly.  Thank you for sharing your sweet, little boy with us!  And thank you Bartholomew Park Winery for providing such a picturesque location for our photo shoot.  I cannot wait to come back another day and enjoy a picnic under the shady trees with a glass of your beautiful wine.  Ahhhhh…


To see the entire five-piece Bartholomew Park collection, please visit our website here!


Your friends,

Andrea and Anya Larre

Andrea and Anya Larre

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