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A Moment of Silence


Whew! It’s been loooong time since we have blogged. Really. Long. Time. So, let’s take a moment of silence to say goodbye to this poor, neglected blog while we transition to a fun, new format.


I always feel a little redundant posting the same information in various formats: our website, Facebook, newsletter and then again on our blog.  The mere thought of it just puts me to sleep…Snore-a-thon!  So, I just stopped posting here until we had a fresh idea with content reserved only for our blog.


Living in the beautiful Northern California Wine Country we have the priviledge of being surrounded by some of the most amazing wineries in the world. Breathtaking gardens, local farms and picturesque scenery are around every bend. These magical places have become our favorite locations to photograph our clothing designs.


Going forward we will give you a behind the scenes look at these photo shoots.  We are often asked what Miss Anya Larre was laughing at or where pictures were taken.  And how the heck did we come up with the name of that collection????  Maybe you have always wanted to visit the Wine Country and would like a personal introduction to scenic spots from a local.  Or maybe you already live here and just can’t get enough of the scenery.  You may even be interested in what Wine Country kids are wearing each season.  Whatever your reason, we hope you enjoy the new format and come back often.


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Your friends,

Andrea and Anya Larre

Andrea and Anya Larre

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